3Lathan PrinceQB/DB16010
5Chase HansonWR/DB1109
7Reid WieczorekQB/DB18012
9Daysen TitzeFB/LB18010
18Evan NordstromWR/DB15510
20Trey FrostWR/DB15011
24Jackson GetteWR/LB1509
26Levi StoverRB/LB17010
31Cormac DuffyWR/LB17010
32Isaac CliffFB/LB19012
33Dylan GabrielRB/DB17512
34Cade StoverWR/DB18012
38Garrett ShoupFB/LB17512
42Max ScottTE/LB1459
55Slater TopleOL/LB19012
56Nathaniel NelsonOL/DL2309
58Kaden HeezenOL/DL20010
58Tracy NielsenOL/DL23011
62Sydney TubbsOL/DL23511
64Riley RungeOL/DL1559
65Stran ScottOL/DL23510
72Dylan EndresOL/DL27511
74Jackson RobbennoltOL/DL2509
76Taylor RobbennoltOL/DL19512
77Ravin AyersOL/DL28011
82Nathan CookTE/LB19011
85Jacob FratzkeWR/DB16012
88Delbert StandsOL/DL30012


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